Monday, November 30, 2015

Aching to Cuddle

I'm just aching this weekend.  In Canada by myself.  My friend Jack is busy, as he has been for a few weeks now.  I'm wondering if he's disinterested now.  I just can't seem to generate interest or connect with anyone.  I want a hard cock.   I want to cuddle up to someone.

Where are the 35-45 yo Asian guys?  My target market.  I think they are all in Toronto.

The popular sites in the US are dead here.  Seems like all the guys are on this site called Squirt.  It just feels super sleazy to me though.  When in Rome?  Ok, but I don't feel good about it.  Lot's of fat old guys there too.

I checked out POF as well....on the recommendation of a Canadian blogger.  It's a small world because the first profile I saw there was an Asian guy who blocked me on Grindr.

I'm also finding that I'm in the wrong part of town.  Someone was explaining to me that being in the downtown with your own place makes you very popular.  But I'm not looking to hookup everyday.  I just want to find one guy.  Even if it's another fwb like Steve.

I suppose I could try craigslist.....

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Socially Acceptable Relationship

Steve asked me to meet him for a drink last night.  He was staying close to me and I haven't seen him in a few weeks.

He's going to the east coast for Thanksgiving weekend.  It was mostly small talk.  After happy hour closed down we went back to his room.  As usual he has his hands all over me.

He started telling me how depressed he's feeling.  He told me that while I was traveling he met another guy.  They had met and had sex 7-8 times.  Then the guy stopped calling....or returning Steve's calls.  He hates the cruelty of the gay world.

I was totally confused as he told me last summer that we needed to be platonic friends as he would be "changing status" soon.  What I read out of his confusing answer is that he was bored with me.  I wasn't around anyway, so he decided to try someone new.

He won't directly discuss the possible impending marriage, only to say that he will be entering a "socially acceptable relationship."  He told me he will return to Korea in mid-December and probably won't be back.  Two years of this transient lifestyle are enough and he needs to have a more stable life.

I knew in July I needed to move on.  Maybe this was a waste of a year.  At least it was fun.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Enjoy While it Lasts

I didn't know how to title this post.  An alternative might be "George Wins the Lottery" ?

I had lunch with George last weekend.  It's always interesting to see what he's up to, and I hadn't seen him in over 18 months.  He was on the Spain coast in September and there happened to be a bear convention going on at the same time.  What a coincidence!

Most interesting news of the day was his new boyfriend.  A 20 yo Brazilian guy.  I saw pictures, this guy is super hot.  George is a 40 yo little Asian guy about 5'5.  George had a profile on OKCupid and he was about to delete it.  A message came through from this guy. George thought is was a joke, but after he talked to the guy he decided to invest a few hours into actually meeting.  Obviously it went well because they've been dating for a few months now. 

This is one of those "fun while it lasts" things.  George knows that.  This guy could easily vanish.  He pointed out that beauty is in the eye of the never know what turns on another guy.

Speaking of hot young guys, I haven't heard from Jack in a while.  We weren't able to connect this week.  The trip to Toronto didn't happen.  Now I'm booked every weekend until the 13th.  So not sure if it will happen this year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This is Entertainment

Sometimes I'll throw out a posting on Craigslist just to see what happens.  Like throwing out a fish hook and see if I catch anything.  I really only need one good guy to respond.  I said I was looking for a professional guy over 35.  This time just fat old guys, most married.  One exception.  Usually you just get stupid one-liners, but I got this response:

Hey there, I know this is another long shot for me because I'll be 22 next week while you are looking for over 35. I'm Asian 120 thin fit 5'7", last year of college and employed. I'm clean, ddf, prof. I'm easy going and very friendly. I'm pretty sure I'm masculine. I owned a car but can't host. I'm looking for a true friend, fwb or ltr. It does not matter which one. I love passionate sex not hookup/nsa. Well I think that is a little about myself, if you are interested this is my number 2----------. If you aren't comfortable with the age diffs, dont text me. Cheers.

I read this thinking what a lot of effort to reply to a blind CL posting.  Is he trying to snag a sugar daddy?

Curiosity got the best of me and I responded.  He replied:

Hey Rob,

I'm Rido. Funny both of our name is starts with R. LOL. Nice to hear back from you. I works in healthcare. Well, I work nights tonight and have some school work to do on Sunday. Maybe we can meet for lunch or dinner if you are back tomorrow. No set stones. Would you mind to trade facial pic 1st? I'll send mine next. Cheers 😃

I got messages from him all week asking when we would meet.  In one case he said I wasn't responding quickly enough so he would end the friendship.  Finally, Friday night I had no plans so I emailed and asked if he wanted to meet.  He quickly responded and we agreed to meet at a park in the downtown.

He was a drowned rat sort of way.  His clothes where baggy.  He's from Indonesia and came to Canada about six years ago.  He works part time and is in nursing school.  We walked around the park for a while and he told me his story.  Then we went for a coffee.  Walking outside into the cool air he asked if I liked what I saw and would I meet him again.  I knew where this was going.  I asked what he wanted to do now.  He looked at me sheepishly and his head tilted.  "Your place...." he said.

Back to my place we went.  Things started to happen, but then I turned my back for a second and he was already naked in my bed.   What a skinny guy....almost shocked me.    It was sex lite....kissing cuddling, but I was impressed with how hard he stayed the whole time.  Around midnight he said he had to go.  We talked about meeting again and he left.

I didn't hear from him, so sent a note on Sunday and got this response:

  Hey Rob, 
How are you doing? I'm afraid we can't meet any longer. Do you remember the professor I told you about. He is done his researched. We had lunch together last Sunday to talk about the next step for both of us. Sorry, it comes all of sudden for me as well. Nice meeting you though. 

He did mention a professor he dated who was now away doing research.  I decided to play a bit:

I just finished crying....I'm so upset.  What can I do to change your mind?  Anything?  I thought about you all weekend.  Will you consider me again?


Then he replied:

 I'm sorry what?!? I thought our deal just a FWB on the first place. I'm committed in the relationship, so no. Wish you all best Rob. Don't cry over it, it's useless. There is much more in L---- to offer 😃


This was my comedy show for last week.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Update 11-10

I'm settled into my new life.  My apartment is comfortable.  The view from the eleventh floor is great.  I am in a city with a large university, and it's only a few miles from me.  Grindr is packed with college boys.  It's frustrating because they're crowding out the other guys.

I have met one interesting guy.  He's Taiwanese.  Very good looking.  Atypical Asian body.  He's 5'10 and probably 180....very solid body and broad shoulders.  Also atypical is that he has a scruff, even more so than many young Caucasian guys.  It's hot.  His name is Jack.  He's shared a lot with me about his life.  Including that he really likes me and likes to date older guys.  I just wish he was older....he's 24.

We were talking last night and I mentioned that I really want a travel partner.  Just to spend the weekend with in Toronto or somewhere.  He immediately volunteered that he would go with me.

What??  I could walk into a club in Toronto with this guy on my arm?  Holy shit!

So I'll try to accumulate some friends.  Have some fun.  Go on with my life.  I wish there were more 40-ish guys here, more my target market, but so far haven't found so many of those I would actually meet.