Monday, November 30, 2015

Aching to Cuddle

I'm just aching this weekend.  In Canada by myself.  My friend Jack is busy, as he has been for a few weeks now.  I'm wondering if he's disinterested now.  I just can't seem to generate interest or connect with anyone.  I want a hard cock.   I want to cuddle up to someone.

Where are the 35-45 yo Asian guys?  My target market.  I think they are all in Toronto.

The popular sites in the US are dead here.  Seems like all the guys are on this site called Squirt.  It just feels super sleazy to me though.  When in Rome?  Ok, but I don't feel good about it.  Lot's of fat old guys there too.

I checked out POF as well....on the recommendation of a Canadian blogger.  It's a small world because the first profile I saw there was an Asian guy who blocked me on Grindr.

I'm also finding that I'm in the wrong part of town.  Someone was explaining to me that being in the downtown with your own place makes you very popular.  But I'm not looking to hookup everyday.  I just want to find one guy.  Even if it's another fwb like Steve.

I suppose I could try craigslist.....

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