Sunday, May 24, 2020

Plan B

I love to travel.  It's my own adventure.  I like to travel well, and doing it inexpensively is my challenge.  I've met great people in different parts of the world, and I'd like to see them again.  I eat in local restaurants, take the subway and Grab.  It's fascinating for me to just walk around a new city.  See the major sites, but also just look around.

I'm realizing that's not going to happen for a while.  Realistically it could be 2022 before we can travel safely again.  I'm really thinking that I shouldn't travel outside the US until there is a vaccine.

What if I was in Mexico and developed a fever?  How could I travel back to the US?  I can't imagine having to be admitted to a Mexican hospital that might already be overwhelmed.  I know there are good hospitals in Mexico, but I've seen some where I would not want to go.

I can't even see my long distance bf.  He's in Toronto and the border is mostly closed.  I really think it just isn't a good idea to fly right now.  Enclosed in an airtight tube with fifty plus strangers.  Just not comfortable with that.

So, Plan B.  That is to make the best of things at home.  How can I do that?  To begin with, I really have no friends here.  It's hard for me under ordinary circumstances to make new friends, and this Covid situation makes it worse.  I have created a list of things I could be doing and would enjoy.  I'm quarantined in my comfortable house.  I have nothing to complain about.  In fact I should be thankful. 

I have no shortage of work from my job.  That consumes a lot of my time.  A positive here is working from home.  I'm pretty productive working remotely.  Skipping the commute is nice.  I'll be working partly from home through the end of the year.

One of the toughest things?  No man in my bed.  No sex in months, and that's hard.  Meeting someone in the midst of this would be foolish.  There seems to be no shortage of willing guys on Grindr and the like, but it just isn't a good idea.

I'll make the best of it.  Reading, working, cooking, Netflix, long walks and bike rides.  The next two months will be very telling.  Will the country reopen successfully?  Or will we have a resurgence in cases?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hang On Tight
The next six months are going to be quite nasty.  This ad is constantly playing on local tv.  And this is one of several with the same theme.

And it's just getting started.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ok, The Joke Is up

I received this email yesterday.  Ok guys, the joke is up.  Ha Ha.  So funny.  Who put my name on the Trump email list?

After becoming a little sick to my stomach after opening this, I realized it must be somebody's practical joke.

No way would I send money to this idiot.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Huffing Lysol

What an amazing idea?  Why didn't our world class medical professionals think of that?

Thanks Trump!

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Small Things

One thing I like to do when I'm bored is look at product review sites.  Like wirecutter, cnet, or many magazines have these sections.  Some are just another form of biased product promotion, but a few have some credibility.  It's great when I feel like I got something new and different, and a good value.  And a product that exceeds my expectations.  Since I really don't like malls and going to stores, this is a better option for me.

I just bought some new cotton percale sheets for my bed.  Recommended on one of these sites.  What a difference!  These sheets feel so good.  I am so comfortable and sleep so well.

I'm really comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.  But I notice a big difference between cotton t-shirts.  It's the softness of the cotton.  I bought a Mack Weldon t-shirt, and I love the softness and feel, but expensive.  Then I got a few similar t-shirts from Uniqlo, also felt really comfortable and soft, but way less expensive.  Maybe Japanese cotton.

For a few dollars I got this simple, like rubber, charging stand for my Apple watch.  Goes on my nightstand and cool.

I like getting deliveries of these things, especially now when I'm locked at home.

Simple, small and inexpensive things that make a difference in my life.

Hmmm.....Maybe I'll find something I want from this product review 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Making Friends

Last year brought a lot of changes on my life.   All for the good.  New job.  New city.  New house.  All of it an improvement.  

What's missing is new friends here.  Just a few is all I need.   I have friends all over the world.  I wish so much that I could bring just one of them here to spend a few weeks. 

I came across an article on this topic.  "Making Friends is Hard After Thirty."  Well if you think that's hard then try after fifty.  The writer actually went to a therapist to discuss how how he could start developing friendships.

After thirty people are more settled into their lives.  They might already have a group of long-term friends, and it's not likely a new person would break into that group.  People over thirty are more likely to be married.  Married couples are friends with other married couples.  It would be awkward for me to be friends with a married hetero couple, but maybe I could be friends with a gay couple.

The first question the therapist asked was "how often do you leave your apartment?"  Wow, blinding flash of the obvious.  Potential friends are not going to just knock on your door to introduce themselves.

To have any possibility of making friends you have to interact with other people.  There's the question of "where".  Sorry, I'm just not going to randomly meet someone in the produce section at the grocery store.  There are meetup groups and other planned events that might be a possibility.

These potential friends, do they have to be gay?  Or are hetero friends ok?  For me, probably they should be gay.   That narrows the field somewhat.

I'm probably going to connect better with another "I".  But other I's are more likely to not come out of their homes.

No, I'm not getting a dog!

Any ideas?   Anyone want to help me out?   Thanks.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

I'm Good with Vanilla

Over the last few weeks at home I've been spending more time reading blogs.   There are so many blogs out there by guys detailing their sexual experiences.  So many different ways guys seek sexual satisfaction.  There's the hookup after hookup after hookup guys......#312, and on and on?  Or the bathhouse. Or cruising parks and restrooms.

I've never done that stuff.  Thought about some of it.  Never did it.  Maybe I'm too boring or too cautious.    I remember standing near the door of Steamworks in Toronto.  I didn't intend to go in.  Just curious I guess.  Half joking I asked my more experienced friend if he would go there with me, just so I could check it out.  "You won't like it, trust me," he said.  I dropped it.

I just want to meet one guy.  One guy who actually likes me.  Who is, or could be, a friend.  That's who I want to have sex with.  I want it to be real, passionate sex.  An experience I won't regret later.

The hookup sites like Grindr are now the meeting places for guys.  The new gay bars. I'm glad about this....if it facilitates people making connections that's a good thing.  Some guys just want to meet for quick nsa fun.  Others are looking for more.  This is like any venue.  Some want a coffee date or the like to see how things develop.  I'm in the latter category.

With gay men sex usually happens quickly.  Even in my own experience.  That's ok.  But what happens when the sex is done?  "I want to see you again"  "Will you sleep with me tonight"  "Can we meet again for dinner or a movie?"  "Let's cuddle and talk for a few hours"   Those are the best outcomes.  I think back on those experiences and smile.  No regrets.

"Leave now".  That's another outcome, and I've had that happen.  It doesn't leave me feeling good.

The chemical change in a man's brain after he orgasms is amazing.  His perspective can change so quickly.  The guy he was just kissing and fucking now becomes someone he just wants gone.  Never wants to see again.  Maybe it's best described as when control shifts from small head to back to big head?  I don't want to be that guy he doesn't want to see again.

Maybe chocolate chip is ok once in a while, but I'm generally fine with vanilla.