Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sichuan Fried Green Beans


My project for Sunday.  I'm going to make this with pork.

I've been maintaining a 1500 calorie a day diet since June.  I'm at 71.6 kg and stuck there.  Stopped losing, so I need to figure out what's going on.  In order to be able to eat and not be hungry, my diet has shifted to way more vegetables.  Maybe I need to increase the exercise a bit.  I know it's hardest to lose the last three kg.  My BMI is 24, so not overweight.

I'll take some pics at some point, but it could be a few more months.  I'm not really obsessed with how I look for the pics, as they are what they are.   If people like it great, and if they don't then find someone else. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Show Offs


There are so many show off guys on TikTok.  Many are hot Latin boys dancing around shirtless.   "Could I pull you?" is captioned in the video.  I guess if you got it, flaunt it, right?

Enough of these.  Every other video for me is one of these, and the other are cooking vids.

Sunday, October 18, 2020


I know it's bad to be out in the sun, but it feels so good.  I was on my terrace feeling the warm rays today.  A comfortable 20 C and not a cloud in the sky.  So relaxing for me.  It was only for 30 minutes and I had SPF 70 on my face.  I'm rationalizing it as making some vitamin D.  I like that I'm slightly browner too.

Spending time today learning more about the camera on my iPhone.  How to take good shots.  This will be helpful when I update my pics for you know what.  But not ready for that yet.

I made pulled pork this morning, and will make fried rice later today.  That will be my lunch for a few days this week.

I've been chatting a bit with a guy online.  He's the only guy I've seriously chatted with in months.  No plans to meet him.  At least not yet.  He seems very nice, but just the chat is good for now.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Burning Vacation

I'm off today.  It's a vacation burn day.  I need to use or lose vacation days before year end.  I'm taking most Fridays off.

Problem is I don't have a plan.  I woke up this morning really early.  I'm just wondering what I should do today.  I spent the morning watching Hulu and answering a few emails.  Tiktok cooking videos are also my new way to blow time.

I did make Chicken Taco Soup yesterday.  Came out great.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Having a Life During the Pandemic


I was listening to a podcast today about how people can still have a life during the pandemic.  Everyone has a fundamental need for social interaction.  This has been severely curtailed for the last six months, and for many people it can lead to depression or other maladies.   Staying absolutely safe means staying home, no visitors and even having your groceries delivered.  Experts recommend staying in a pod.  That means only interacting with a small group of people, such as just those in your household and close family.  Everyone in the pod should agree to follow safe behavior protocols.  For the single person this is pretty much a life of isolation.

Is it appropriate to take some amount of risk?  To move somewhat off the extreme measures for the benefit of your mental well-being?  If I met someone at the park and we talked for a while, staying outside and distancing, would that be an acceptable risk?

Single people are struggling with the topic of sex.    If you are staying within your safe "Pod," and one of the pod members happens to be your sexual partner (spouse, partner, whatever), then it's all good.  But what if you don't have a sexual partner close by?  Hookups and even normal dating are out.  They're just not safe behaviors.  The concept of a sex pod has come up.  One person, who is also committed to safe behavior, who is your regular sex partner.  We may not see normalcy in our lives until the beginning of 2022.  Is it reasonable for single people to go without until then?

So far I'm following the safe path.  Maybe I go the grocery store more often than I should, but that's the biggest risk I'm taking.  I haven't met anyone.  I haven't even looked at Grindr now going on four months.  

I'm going back and forth with this.  On the one hand I'd like to open up and at least meet some new people, and this might be an acceptable risk.  On the other hand I watch the evening news and see stories about 25 year olds dying from the virus, and I'm jerked back to the other side of the spectrum.  

I'm still pondering this and in the meantime staying safe.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Good Advertising


This is a pic from a Grindr profile I saw some time ago.  Who wouldn't meet this guy?  What a great job with his pic!  I doubt this was a quick random shot taken by a friend with no thought behind it.

I'm thinking about my own advertising.  At some point I will want to start meeting people again.  If you don't have a good pic, then forget it.  Guys judge based on your pic very quickly. Obviously the subject of the photo has to be in decent shape as well.  No photographic magic in the world is going to be able to present an old, fat guy well.  You want good advertising, which means presenting yourself well.  You don't want false advertising.  I want to present who I am as best I can -- lot's of guys still won't be interested, and I much prefer they just rule me out from that pic.  But I do want a realistic pic that will present me well and attract the most interest.

This means getting the right lighting and background.  Maybe a little makeup to reduce shine.  Some minor photoshopping.

I don't need or want to be perfect.  Nor am I looking for the perfect guy.  I'm not looking for the guy in the pic above.  But maybe there is a version of him thirty years older!  I want the guys seeking perfection to just pass me by.

How about this guy?  A teaser photo.  Would you meet him?  I imagine the rest of him is also pretty hot.


I'm now at 158lb (72kg) on my 5'8" body.  I feel comfortable taking a few pics.  Not going to be looking right now, not safe to do that.  But at least I'm comfortable taking a few photo shots.

What about personality of the guy?  That's what you're all thinking.  Why the obsession with just the pics?  Yes, personality is super important.  More important than looks.  Remember, we're talking about the gay world here.  The pics open the door.

I'm just thinking.  By the time this is over I may have gone two years with no intimacy in my life.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Social Isolation

There's been a lot of news about the mental health toll this pandemic is taking.  People are isolated and feeling alone.  This is leading to depression among large numbers of people.  

I do have a lot of interaction with people I work with.  However, some of this interaction I'd rather not have.  I don't have much interaction with people outside of work.  I'm realizing that since moving eighteen months ago I really haven't met anyone.  I have no friends here.

In the midst of a pandemic meeting new people is what you are NOT supposed to do.

So this weekend I was feeling kind of depressed myself.

I'm keeping busy during these times.  Cooking.  Experimenting with my instant pot.  Long walks.  Exercising.  Reading.  Calls with my distant friends.  Occasionally binge watching a TV series.   I've lost weight.  I feel healthy.  I don't need a lot of social interaction.  I don't like being in groups of more than 2 or three.

But little social human contact.

I shouldn't be depressed.  I have a lot to be thankful for.