Friday, December 29, 2017

Trip Complete

I finished my trip.  It was great.  Also so great to have someone to travel with.  My bf was with me the whole time.  I got to see so many places I've wanted to go for years.  Singapore, Thailand, Shanghai, much crammed into two weeks.

More details to come...

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Count Down

Less than a week to go.  Very early next Saturday morning I am off to Singapore.  Finally.  I've wanted to make this trip for years.  Then I will spend a few days in Phuket.  For the last few days of my trip I'll visit a few major cities in China, finally flying home from Chengdu.

This will be such a complete change of environment that it will disconnect me from my current life and clear my mind.

It's also an investigation trip.  I want to find a hideout in Asia where I can periodically come to disconnect and unwind.  Someplace totally different, but still comfortable.  I'm disappointed that I won't also be able to visit Malaysia, but it would have been too much to cram into this trip.

I'm traveling with my bf.  He really wanted to show me China.  That's why I am spending the second week in China.  How could I turn down a local tour guide?

I haven't taken a real vacation for ever.  So this will be great. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Booking My Trip

Finally I've found time for a great trip!

First two weeks of December.  The plan is that my bf and I will go to China for a few days, and then to Phuket for a week.  We will go from Phuket to KL, maybe through Langkawi and Penang.  The trip will end in Singapore.  We will part ways for a while.  He flies back to China and I head to the US.

I really need some relaxation.  I'm hoping the time in Phuket will allow me to recharge.  I think early December will be before the busy season hits.  Some friends went to Phuket about two years ago and gave it favorable reviews, but it seems really built up to me.  I'm surprised at how many hotels and condos are there.  Even some of the smaller islands (Koh Samui?) have surprising number of hotels.

I lost at least a week of vacation last year -- just left unused.  I cannot do that again.

I'm also facing another big life event.  My bf finishes school and may need to continue his life somewhere else.  Back to China or maybe Toronto?  Not sure yet.  It may mean our relationship ends, and I'm really sad about that possibility.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Andy and I did make it to the Toronto Pride.  Hotels were generally 2-3 times the normal rate, but I lucked out by getting a place in Yorkville with points, so that worked out.  Many people had told me that the Pride Parades had lost their meaning.  Now they are just commercialized events like everything else.  I could see that as the Crest Toothpaste, Capital One, cell phone providers, etc floats went by.  We stood at Bloor and Younge, and watched the parade for three hours. We also went to the Street Fair the night before.  We walked through the Street Fair holding hands.

A large group of old men marching naked through the street?  Was this really necessary?

There were a number of social support and human rights groups marching, and that was great to see.  What's going on in other parts of the world, like Chechyna, is appalling.

We also ran into my friend George there.  He was with four friends.  Two of them spent the day at Steamworks.

It was interesting.  Not sure I'd rush back.

Monday, June 5, 2017


A trip to Singapore and Malaysia has been on my bucket list for a long time.  I'm seriously thinking of going this fall.  The flights are as inexpensive as last year -- like $800 from Toronto.  I'd like to visit Singapore, KL and Penang.  I hope I can do it over 8 days.  Penang might be a good place to winter after I'm retired.  I don't think Florida is for me.

I should go there and at least explore these places.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Toronto Pride

My bf and I are planning to attend Toronto Pride in three weeks.  All the hotel rooms are 2-3 times the normal price that weekend.  I've never been to a Pride event before, and this one is supposed to be the biggest.

I wonder how we will fit in.  It's a life experience, and I should try it at least once.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My bf Andy and I moved to our new apartment in the downtown five months ago.  There is a gay club about four blocks away.  We haven't been there yet.  We've joked about going, but we still haven't been there.  Not even for a minute.

Maybe we are the most boring guys?

Last weekend we went grocery shopping on Saturday and got some takeout food.  We came home and watched Manchester by the Sea.  We were in bed before 11.

His friend said he wasn't surprised Andy was dating an older guy, as he has the mind of an older guy.

Maybe being the most boring guys isn't such a bad thing.