Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Update 11-10

I'm settled into my new life.  My apartment is comfortable.  The view from the eleventh floor is great.  I am in a city with a large university, and it's only a few miles from me.  Grindr is packed with college boys.  It's frustrating because they're crowding out the other guys.

I have met one interesting guy.  He's Taiwanese.  Very good looking.  Atypical Asian body.  He's 5'10 and probably 180....very solid body and broad shoulders.  Also atypical is that he has a scruff, even more so than many young Caucasian guys.  It's hot.  His name is Jack.  He's shared a lot with me about his life.  Including that he really likes me and likes to date older guys.  I just wish he was older....he's 24.

We were talking last night and I mentioned that I really want a travel partner.  Just to spend the weekend with in Toronto or somewhere.  He immediately volunteered that he would go with me.

What??  I could walk into a club in Toronto with this guy on my arm?  Holy shit!

So I'll try to accumulate some friends.  Have some fun.  Go on with my life.  I wish there were more 40-ish guys here, more my target market, but so far haven't found so many of those I would actually meet.


  1. Growler would be a much better option

  2. Grindr in that area is mainly very young guys. Try POF.com (plenty of fish) . I always found more "quality" there and highly recommend it.

    Also squirt.org although that can be a bit sleazier. I met my future husband on squirt. lol

    And yes, go to Toronto with the hottie 24 year old. Any the hell not???? Have a bit of slutty fun!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Buddy Bear!

  3. Nice! You're off to a terrific start.

  4. Nice..... I hope you get to travel with a hottie... I would pay for that, if I could afford it.