Thursday, November 26, 2015

Socially Acceptable Relationship

Steve asked me to meet him for a drink last night.  He was staying close to me and I haven't seen him in a few weeks.

He's going to the east coast for Thanksgiving weekend.  It was mostly small talk.  After happy hour closed down we went back to his room.  As usual he has his hands all over me.

He started telling me how depressed he's feeling.  He told me that while I was traveling he met another guy.  They had met and had sex 7-8 times.  Then the guy stopped calling....or returning Steve's calls.  He hates the cruelty of the gay world.

I was totally confused as he told me last summer that we needed to be platonic friends as he would be "changing status" soon.  What I read out of his confusing answer is that he was bored with me.  I wasn't around anyway, so he decided to try someone new.

He won't directly discuss the possible impending marriage, only to say that he will be entering a "socially acceptable relationship."  He told me he will return to Korea in mid-December and probably won't be back.  Two years of this transient lifestyle are enough and he needs to have a more stable life.

I knew in July I needed to move on.  Maybe this was a waste of a year.  At least it was fun.

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  1. yes the gay world is cruel. I am having such conflict right now.