Sunday, June 12, 2022


All this talk about vacations.   Scheduled several times and cancelled several times.

Now it seems the world is getting back to normal.   I've schedule vacations and this time it's highly likely that I will actually get to take them.   I have five weeks of vacation that I have to use (or lose) by this Fall.  I'm NOT losing them!

Next month I have a business trip to Europe.  Since my connection goes through Madrid, I added on a week in Spain.   I've never been to Spain.  I am looking forward to seeing Barcelona, Sitges and Madrid.

My long planned trip to Asia is now scheduled for September.  My Malaysian friend who I met in 2020 will accompany me.  I have a good feeling about him, and I'll get to know him better during the trip.  He is struggling with a few personal issues.  His house was burglarized and Macbook stolen.  His boss is making his life difficult.  I'm happy that we can have this vacation together.  I'm planning Phuket and Bangkok, but would like to see Langkawi too.  I'm just not sure if the ferry from Langkawi to Phuket is operating.  I will fly into KL and we will figure things out.  I'm going to the same hotel in the Ampang area where we met.

I think I'll squeeze in a few days in Mexico City in August.  Some r&r as well as more Spanish lessons.

So now until October is looking good.


  1. I have been to Spain a couple of times, but never Madrid. I spent about five days in Barcelona a couple of years ago, and before that I spent a couple of days on the Casta Brava on the Mediterranean Sea. You will love Spain!

  2. Long overdue travel plans finally materializing! Spain will be great!