Sunday, September 13, 2020

Social Isolation

There's been a lot of news about the mental health toll this pandemic is taking.  People are isolated and feeling alone.  This is leading to depression among large numbers of people.  

I do have a lot of interaction with people I work with.  However, some of this interaction I'd rather not have.  I don't have much interaction with people outside of work.  I'm realizing that since moving eighteen months ago I really haven't met anyone.  I have no friends here.

In the midst of a pandemic meeting new people is what you are NOT supposed to do.

So this weekend I was feeling kind of depressed myself.

I'm keeping busy during these times.  Cooking.  Experimenting with my instant pot.  Long walks.  Exercising.  Reading.  Calls with my distant friends.  Occasionally binge watching a TV series.   I've lost weight.  I feel healthy.  I don't need a lot of social interaction.  I don't like being in groups of more than 2 or three.

But little social human contact.

I shouldn't be depressed.  I have a lot to be thankful for. 


  1. I miss my friends too. and being able to go out to a restaurant. but I am still alive and virus free.

    1. Yes, virus free is better than 100 restaurant meals

  2. I am with AM on this. I miss being free to go out and do what I want, but I sure as hell don't want Covid.

  3. Depression due to social isolation is real. If you look at Prison they punish people by putting them in isolation and in that form your not only going to get depressed your going to mentally fry your brain. At least we have our homes, TV, the ability to go on a walk, etc.

    Your doing better than me, I am gaining weight as is most of the population. From the way you remark it sounds like things are really well put together in your life. We all have something to be thankful for. Equally we all have times where we fail to show a lack of appreciation for the obvious things like good health, being able to breathe, see, taste, smell, etc.

    I really miss restaurants that was my thing, just go grab a bite to eat. Breakfast on the weekend for sure and then maybe supper one weekend night. I also like the movies when there is something of interest.

    I keep hearing that were going to make it through this but I still have my doubts. However, I never thought it would last this long so I suppose it's possible that we will in fact make it through this. Stay strong and holler if you need a sympathetic ear. Were in this together, like it or not. :)