Monday, February 10, 2020

Back from FL

Just back from my few days in South Florida.  Weather was most excellent.  Spent some time at the beach and just walking around.  Lot's of Latin eye candy!  Aaron was sick part of the time, but otherwise things went well.  South Beach was expensive -- like $300 a night for just a fairly basic hotel.  We moved to Ft Lauderdale on Saturday.  Again, pretty expensive.  SoBe is s much nice than FL in my opinion. 

We went to club called Twist in SoBe.   Did not like it.  So jammed with people you couldn't even move.  Super loud.  No entertainment, like drag show or dancing boys.  We didn't stay long.

The food was good.  One Mexican restaurant near the hotel was very good, and had a lot of very hot Latino waiters as a bonus.

Overall good trip, but expensive.  I need to find a new ocean hangout.  But in February where else can you go that's warm?  Maybe Mexico.


  1. I don't know who that picture is, but THAT'S HOT! FL ain't cheap in the winter months. perhaps mexico would be less expensive. research is your friend.

  2. USD300 a night! Yikes. Glad to hear that you had a lot of Latino eye candy.