Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Three Gold Coins

There are a few bloggers out there who are keeping a record of their sexual partners.  Some even keep track of how many times they masturbate each year.  Masturbation is for the most part a benign act.  I'm not sure it's worth tracking, unless you view it as a problem.

The number of sexual partners?  A different story for me.  Tracking the number is a very good idea.  Too many is a problem.  I wouldn't feel good about racking up lots of sexual partners. 

That said, it's really easy to just let it happen.  Opportunity presents.....and you take it.  Again and again.  Sometimes I feel I am weak....and if more opportunities presented I would take them.  Too weak to resist.  Maybe I'm actually lucky not to have so many opportunities.  I'm glad I was with just Steve for most of last year.

What if you were limited to just three sexual partners per year?  Or maybe just one?  You would have to consider very carefully who you wanted to have sex with......so as not to waste one of your three gold coins.



  1. I really do need to limit down to three guys. Having sex with multiple guys makes me concern about my sexual health. I maybe paranoid about this because I had once diagnosed with sexual disease few years back and ,thank god for that, it was treatable. Recently I felt like I'm back on track of sleazing around. I feel guilty about this.

  2. I used to keep count but stopped at about 50 or so. It sounds like a lot but it's really small fraction of some of the other guys who keep count (jack - ;) ). Some I regret others not so much. I just go with the flow.