Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The last few weeks have been super frustrating.  I last met up with Jack a few weeks ago.  I must have spooked him because we haven't met since.  He texted me last week and chatted for a bit.  We talked about meeting on the weekend.  I left the ball in his court.....he needs to take some initiative.  He didn't call me.  I guess he's not interested.

No one else even close right now.

I had been delaying making a reservation for my Asia trip.  A girl who works for me needs to return to Europe for two weeks.  She needs to spend time with her family, and her father has been ill.  So I gave her first priority in scheduling vacation.

In the meantime, it appears I have a medical problem that will require a few weeks off.  Still under investigation.  I just can't plan a trip until I get that issue resolved.  I sure can't take ten days vacation, and then come back to go off sick for a few weeks.


  1. ahh that's shame. Hope you are all well.

  2. Hope things go well with the medical issue.

    New reader - just read your blog archives for the past year or so. Good to meet you!