Saturday, October 31, 2015

Playing the Slots

This is what I feel like I'm doing.

Last week I was chatting with an Asian guy, late 30's, on Grindr.  It seemed promising.  He asked me to share a face pic and I did.  Poof....blocked.  What?  And he wasn't anything special! 

A few days later I'm chatting with another guy.  Is he Indian?  Can't tell.  The conversation moved quickly.  OMG, it was amazing.  One of the best meetings ever with one of the hottest guys ever.  I probably won't see him again because he's too young for me.  But it was awesome while it lasted.

This is so random.  I mean who likes me and who doesn't.   Anyway....

My new life has begun.  I'm set up in an 850 sq ft apartment on the eleventh floor of a luxury hi rise in Canada.  Minimalist is my life theme.  Key question for everything I buy for this apartment -- do I really need it?  My life here is so simple.  I drive right into the underground garage and go right up to my suite.  Everything...groceries, gym, within 1000 feet of my building.  I'm 15 minutes from work.

Do I need to return to the US every week?  I don't think so.   My Ikea furnished apartment is just fine with me.  I don't need or want anything else.

Now I'm thinking about dismantling the rest of my life over the next two years.  I'll de-content.  I'll sell my house.  I'll move to simplicity.  A condo is looking good.  I'm going to look at ideas in Toronto in a few weeks.

What's missing?   Someone in my bed :(   Same story.

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  1. It sounds like an awesome life - and that's something to be grateful. The guy? It's just as you said, who likes you, who works out, etc, etc,'s all a gamble. Just keep putting your coins in and, eventually, something magical will happen.

    I'm quite envious of your simple, downsized life. I'm glad you're enjoying it!!