Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday Dinner

This past week was Steve's birthday.  I knew he was feeling lonely being 6500 miles away from his family, so I took him out to dinner Friday night.  He loves Capital Grille, but I knew of another another high end steakhouse nearby so I took him there.  It was a six course Filet Mignon dinner that was great.  The desert was sorbet, but I had the waiter substitute cake for Steve.  He was really moved by this dinner, and gave a me a big hug after we left.

Unfortunately I was sick.  Just a little sick with a bad cough, but this has dragged on for weeks.  I'm sure the sex would have been awesome, and he really wanted it, but I couldn't risk getting him sick. 

I don't think Steve ever spent the the night with a man before me.  In the beginning he wouldn't admit to liking it.  He seemed to be indifferent.  Now he asks me, "Are you staying over?"  Maybe he actually likes it.  Sometimes I can, but often I need to be home.

I'm discussing with Steve a three day trip over Memorial Day weekend.  It's experiences that make people most happy, not things.  He's so noncommittal sometimes.  I don't want to plan something and then have him change his mind.  I've told him we can explore a city, visit museums, do some shopping, eat at different restaurants, and maybe check out the gay scene.  After midnight we return to the king bed in our hotel.  The next morning we will awaken with our naked bodies spooned together.  Times three.

Steve takes a very cautious approach to life.  I do too, but I'm becoming less cautious as I get older.  I've explained that the opportunity to travel with 1) someone you like, 2) trust, 3) are attracted to, 4) share similar interests with, and 5) can afford to travel, doesn't come along so frequently.  Take advantage of this opportunity because at some point you'll be alone again and will regret not having this experience.

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  1. Steve is lucky to have you. He likely understands that, but not nearly to the extent he should. I hope he makes the smart decision and opts for a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with you.