Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Car Shopping

I did a little car shopping this weekend.  Just looking at this point.  An X3 would be a very cool small SUV to have.  But-- I was shocked at the price.  Over $42,000 for a not exactly loaded X3 with the 4 cyl powertrain?  Add on tax, etc and it's about $45k out the door?  This is about $5k more than I expected.  And then if it breaks, lookout.


  1. I bought a 2015 BMW328 sedan. It has a four cylinder engine with a turbo. The car is faster than the 2009 BMW328 with a six cylinder I traded in. My broker said the engine in the BMW320 sedan is also better and faster than the six cylinder in the 2009. It seems the engine technology has been greatly improved in the last few years.

  2. My organization just traded-in a 15-year-old Honda CR-V and got a Nissan Frontier pickup with a crew cab. The base price of the Frontier was around $23K, but by the time my land manager got done with the whole thing, the vehicle cost over $30K--and that's without tax, since we're non-profit. Yowza! Maybe you should consider a late-model used car, RB.

  3. And don't forget about the massive depreciation that happens the second you drive it off the lot.

    It's your money, so spend it however you like, but there are certainly better values out there than a new X3.

    1. I'd only buy a used one. But I'm cheap. :-0