Thursday, April 23, 2015


I had a brief trip last week.  About 11pm I was playing around with grindr and a guy came out of no where.  He started messaging me and wanted to meet.  This all was happening very fast.

He was a 21 yo college guy.  An Asian guy, a little chubby but cute.  He did nothing for me.  I thought maybe I'd just give him a hand job but even that was a challenge.  Yes, you're reading the right blog.  You didn't accidentally switch to One Step at a Time.  I haven't done this before, and probably won't again.

Turns out this guy is Korean (ABK).  Both his parents are Korean and he spends summers in Korea with family.  He was very interested when I told him I was dating a Korean guy.  He told me his life story and what he's doing in college.

I asked him about the oldest guy he'd ever been with.  He said the guy was 28.  "I've got him beat by a mile -- 46 here," I said.  Ok, so I lied.

"46??" he said, "You don't look that old at all!"  Ok, keep talking kid, I like where this is going.

"If you met me in a coffee shop and knew nothing about me, how old would you say I am? I asked.

"Oh, about 36," he said.

What?  What?  What?   Seriously?  He assured me yes.  He suggested that I stay close to his campus so I could pick up college guys -- I have no interest in that.

Interesting to get this opinion from a 21 yo who should be a harsh critic on age.


  1. Everything you did, whether enthusiastically or reluctantly, was totally worth it to get that compliment.

    36? Nice!!!

    1. Yes, and he was totally serious. I guess it also this is highly dependent on the person. Someone else might have given me a higher number.

  2. Sometimes you just need to feel and touch another man.