Sunday, December 7, 2014

Becoming a Nomad

I have several friends who have moved all over the world.  Somehow they move all their stuff, find an apartment, set up shop in a new location.  And have done it several times.

To live in this mode you really have to minimize the amount of "stuff" you have.  You don't buy a house and set up a permanent residence.  They are renting, and that limits the amount of personalization you can do.  No kids in school is also important.  One positive here is the ability to quickly take advantage when a great opportunity presents.  Being in one place for 20+ years can get old, and maybe you get too comfortable in your situation.

I think home ownership is often overrated.  It's more expensive than most people think, especially when you consider the costs of upgrades and maintenance.  Ultimately I want to be back in my own house, and I know what I want.  But to rent for a few years might not be so bad.

I'm really getting tired of cold weather.  The biting cold of winter is getting old.  A more temperate climate would be so much nicer.

I'm thinking hard about becoming a nomad for a while.  Is it really what I want to do after +15 years in one place?

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  1. Do it! My older brother has been living the minimalist/nomad lifestyle for about 2 years now, traveling internationally every year, and he loves it. For a while he was renting a unit in a storage facility to store all of his stuff as he traveled, but after a while the storage bills out weighed his desire to keep his belongings so he sold about 80% of it on FB and Craigslist. Granted he's young, smart, has the financial stability to travel and has no baggage being 31, single with no kids...but I feel like everyone should travel more.

    Screw the cold, sell your stuff, move somewhere warm and be a nomad :)

    Here's my brother's blog if you're interested: