Sunday, November 23, 2014


I didn't come home last night.  I wanted to be with Steve, and I spent the night clinging to his warm, smooth body.  There was a missed call from my son at 2am, but who cares.  I'll make up a story.

As we cuddled last night Steve told me what a nice, trustworthy guy I am.  He's never been so close to a guy before and is concerned about what will happen in January.  There will be a big hole in his life if he does not come back to the US.  If he does come back, I may not be here.  Job search is heating up, and I think something will come through soon. 

I've explained that maybe our lives will go in different geographic directions, but we will still be close friends.  Worst case, he now has a very close lifelong, trustworthy friend.  A friend he doesn't have to hide anything from.

Those are hard to find.


  1. i really do hope both of you could make it through whatever it is to be as close as you both are now.

  2. I'm sure your time together will be remembered for the rest of your life.