Sunday, April 13, 2014

5 Rules for Happiness

An article with this title appeared in the WSJ a few weeks ago.  I'll list the five rules, but want to focus on one of them.

1.  Consider marrying young.

2.  Learn how to recognize your soul mate.

3.  Eventually stop fretting about fame and fortune

4.  Take religion seriously

5.  Watch 'Groundhog Day' Repeatedly.

#3 --  The author says, "suppose you arrive at age 40, and you enjoy your work, have found your soul mate, are raising a couple of terrific kids—and recognize that you will probably never become either rich or famous."  Your 20-something ambitions are probably not going to happen, and you need to accept that with middle-age maturity.

The article includes this quote from David Geffen:  "Show me someone who thinks that money buys happiness, and I'll show you someone who has never had a lot of money."  I think money can have a positive effect on happiness, but there are fast diminishing returns. 

Some people are in a job for the ambition to move, no ability to move, or just content in place.  I'm always thinking how to parlay my present situation into something better.  However, moving up can be risky and stressful.  Maybe thinking about the positives in my current situation is healthier than thinking about climbing one or two rungs higher. 

Final quote from this article:  "Fame and wealth do accomplish something: They cure ambition anxiety. But that's all. It isn't much."

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  1. Here's a rule I'd suggest... Don't over think it. The heart doesn't think. Don't limit your "search" by older, younger, well built, well endowed, etc. Live your life, enjoy it, and if you are destined to find the one, you will. The heart will know.