Monday, April 14, 2014

Could They All Be Gone?

Could it be that by the time you reach your 40's all the good guys are gone?  A friend sent me a note and one line stuck with me:  "I think the guys who have natural relationship skills are already partnered and it's mostly the guys without skills who are left."

It does make sense to me.  The best guys are quickly scooped up by other attractive men, leaving only the less desirable on the market by this age.  I guess the married guys would be new on the scene, but there are not so many of them who actually leave their wives and become available.  The gay guys who are not attached by this age perhaps have trouble forming relationships or some other problem.

Who knows..... 


  1. I was widowed at thirty-one and divorced at fifty-seven. I wonder how people perceive me. It does make one wonder about guys in their forties who have never had a long term relationship.

  2. I believe that all the good ones are indeed taken. As the saying goes, all the good ones are either married or gay. And the good gay ones are snatched up pretty quickly. The only ones remaining are the ones who are in the closet, socially awkward, or just not good. Finding a good single guy in his 40's is nearly impossible. They are out there and I have met quite a few single guys in this age range. I met this one guy on a date, no fun except for a kiss good night. He was in his 30's, really cute (scruffy ginger) with great manners and maturity. I asked him why he was still single and he just said he was really picky and haven't found anyone he really liked yet. That and he was too tied up with work to date anyone.

  3. I know a lot of guys, quite dashing, who are not at all interested in living with someone.(I'm too old now), but I was with a guy for 16 years...and he was much younger than me and he died...I never wanted to be with anyone afterwards...Too much pain and regrets. Being single has a lot of freedom included (and not just sexual).