Thursday, April 10, 2014

Too Much Candy

I am interviewing summer interns this week and next.  Today I had this Persian looking guy.  He had a light beard and I imagine he would look like this without clothes.  He didn't really blow me away, but I haven't ruled him out.  The thing is that hiring this guy might be too much eye candy for me....a distraction  It's interesting how being good looking can influence the interviewer.  I trust myself to choose the best candidate in the end.   More on Monday.  


  1. I work with some "eye candy", but they're hard workers as well. It's OK to be cute, but you have to have talent to back it up to work with me.

  2. I've fallen victim to the "eye candy syndrome" on more than one occasion, and have ended up regretting it more often than I care to admit. Actually, I think that either I'm (1) a poor judge of character in potential employees or (2) a poor manager who is too lenient with unacceptable behavior. Or, maybe both.