Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Luxury Gym

There's a new luxury gym opening close to my house.  One thing that's true for me, if the gym isn't convenient, I won't go.  So ten miles away doesn't work for me.  I am using the gym a lot lately. I was seriously thinking about this new gym.  Eucalyptus steam room, tons of high tech equipment, huge lap pool....everything you can think of.  It's like one of those high end gyms in NY or LA.

So imagine my shock when I received the price quote:  single membership $144 per month.

NYC gym pricing too.  I'm paying like $21 per month right now at a gym that's ok.  This new place is awesome, but I don't think I can justify a $120 per month cost up.


  1. Gay men have a lot of disposable income to spend on their bodies and expensive underwear. If a gym is expensive, chances are good that you will find a successful gay man there and it may not be full of college and high school kids, unless that is your scene. Don't forget, you also receive $300 of "coupons" to use toward personal training and other programs. I didn't use all of mine, if any. Make sure the PTs are hot before you join. For that price, they better have the best eye candy to motivate their members.

    Time for me to go to the gym.

    1. No, college and high school kids are not my scene. I'm not in a particularly gay area, so I wonder how many successful gay men I'll find. What do you think of the price?