Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Looking's Positive Review

When I first watched the new HBO show "Looking" I thought it was just another lame attempt by the TV gurus to capitalize on the public's curiosity with gay men.  I was surprised to see this very positive review in the Advocate.  It's been renewed for a second season.  I expected the Advocate would criticize how the show portrays gay men....but they didn't.  They seem to embrace it.

I can't believe how deeply the author of this article analyzed the show.  It's made me think much more and watch much closer.  The character I can identify with is Patrick.  He's the most "establishment" of the group --  well educated, good job, good looking, a product of affluent suburbia.  Is he str8 acting?  I sure don't immediately think gay when I see him.  He's out.....but sometimes uncomfortable with it.  The author says Patrick needs to confront his internalized homophobia.  What am I missing here?  The other characters seem like stereotypes of various "varieties" of gay men.

Patrick's relationship with Richie only works behind closed doors.  It's awkward in public.  It's the mixing of two different socioeconomic classes.  Patrick is embarrassed of Richie's job.  Patrick is uptight....but is that a gay thing?   This relationship is doomed.

The wedding scene was so awkward for Patrick.  He's solo at his sister's wedding after Richie takes off.  It's so obviously painful for him.  At the end his father says, "This wedding cost $40,000.  Are you going to want a bash like this too?"  The message is, "You're my other daughter." 

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  1. The hubby and I really enjoy the show. Yes, it does have room to grow, but people don't remember how awkward "Sex and the City" was when it first began.

    I thought the scene where Patrick's mom called him on all his relationship bullsh*t was the perfect way to handle that. His character has a lot of growing up to do, but he needed to be called out on it. I thought the episode where Patrick and Richie have their first "date" was incredible. It reminded me of when the hubby and I first were dating - just walking, talking, and getting to know one another.

    Is the show perfect - no. Is it entertaining and relatable - yes. :-)