Thursday, March 27, 2014

Indian Guys

This guy showed up on Grindr only one mile from me.  He's only 28 so I didn't message him, but I thought the pic was really hot.  I've dated a few Indian guys with good success, most recently last year.  I've learned a lot abut India from these guys......the after sex conversation with my friend from last year was often the history of India.

I'm leading a major IT project at work with a team of consultants.  One IT truism:  wherever there's an IT project, there are Indians.

Most of the team are Indian guys, but there are two in their mid-30's who have caught my attention.  I sit in meetings with them debating in my mind which one is better looking.  They are here in a hotel four days a week, and I dream about seeing them on Manhunt, but alas both are married with kids.

One of them is named Rammohan.  He's cute.  I love his hair.......shiny jet black.  He grows a goatee for a few days, then almost shaves it off.  I'm curious to see what he looks like every day.  Both these guys have an extra 10 lbs, but it makes no difference.  They are still hot to me.     

No worries!  No plans to run off to India.  It's not a gay friendly place.  I'll stick to meeting the ones who are in the US.


  1. one thing about indian guys is that usually they have big dick.

  2. Apropos nothing in this post, RB, I thought you'd comment about the long article about the "legitimacy" of bisexuality that appeared in the New York Times last week. Seems like just the sort of thing that gets your juices addition to some other things, too, of course.

  3. Indian guys get my juices flowing!!!!!!!!!!!