Sunday, March 30, 2014

No FAP Experiment

I thought this diagram was amusing,

I'm continuing my no fap experiment.  From January into February I made it 37 days.  It really wasn't that hard.  Unlike some people, it wasn't a problem for me, but I just wanted to see how it would affect me.  In February and March I didn't follow the program so well.  I wasn't going to meet anyone anyway.....that was my rationalization.  I was going a week at a time though.

Now I'm restarting the experiment.  I'm also going to the gym more.  It's warmer and brighter outside now, and it's easier to be motivated.  Maybe I've had a touch of seasonal affective disorder.  This has been a cold, dark winter.

I've been trying to negotiate a better deal at the luxury gym.....with no success.  I checked out another gym last week that was supposed be higher end, and was unimpressed.  The new place would be so convenient, but I can't justify that higher price.

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  1. jerking off is the only way I could refrain from having sex with random guys.

    If the gym is a perfect convenience for you, you should consider it. Only if you are serious about hitting the gym like 4 time a week or otherwise you should not pay much for that.