Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lower Your Standards

I was chatting with a friend about not meeting anyone lately.   There are 4 million people in my MSA.  Half of those are men.  Let's say 5% of them are gay.  That's 100,000 gay men.  Even if 20% are in my age range, that's 20,000 possibilities.

"Maybe your standards are too high," he said jokingly, but I knew it wasn't a joke.  That's a possibility.  I did get messages from these guys and didn't respond.  Maybe I should  I know of many good looking guys, far out of my league, who are on-line seemingly forever....maybe they've set the bar too high?

He's right.  I could meet a new guy everyday if I wanted.  Problem is, they're not guys I want to meet.

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