Friday, October 25, 2013

Easier Life?

I had a strange conversation with my ex-bf, Seth, over the weekend.  He's Asian and lives in Europe now.  We talk a lot on Skype.  One of my sons is becoming a real challenge to me behavior-wise.

Seth: he is 18 yo, just being rebellous...we have gone through this phase
Rob: why can't I have a respectful Asian kid??
Seth: why didn't you choose an Asian girl to fuck?
Rob: good point
Rob: then my biggest problem right now would be finding a calculus tutor
Seth: Asian son fulfills all your expectation: obedient, smart, respectful, and well-mannered, the only concern might be...he might got a small dick
Rob: why do I care about that?
Seth: big dick got easy life

1 comment:

  1. The guy in the picture has an easy life, no doubts about that. His upper body is already extremely hot, but to be gifted with that dick too, wow. He definitely won the genetic lottery. I could drool over (or ON) him for a VERY long time. I'll bet he gets everything he wants, all he has to do is ask.