Friday, September 27, 2013

Labor Day pt I

For the first time I can remember in years I had a weekend totally to myself.  NO parental responsibilities!  And it was a long weekend....over Labor Day.  Rather than waste another weekend watching stupid shows on Bravo I decided I needed to get out of town.  I looked at some easy places to get to and basically flipped a coin.

Toronto won.

It's a safe, clean, gay friendly city.

One of my fellow bloggers goes to Toronto frequently, so he gave me some ideas of things to do.  One thing on my list was the Toronto Islands and the "clothing optional" beach at Hanlan's Point.  I took the ten minute ferry ride from the Toronto waterfront to the islands.  The weather was beautiful and I walked for miles around the island before coming to Hanlan's Point.  It was a Friday afternoon and there were easily 200 people on the beach.  I'd never been to a nude beach before.  This beach is supposed to be mostly gay, but I saw many hetero m-f couples there.  My first impression?  Gee, there's a lot of people here who I don't want to see naked!  The beach was pretty tame....just people laying on their beach towels or talking in small groups.  A few older guys standing naked at the tree line....that was strange, but nothing else going on.

When in Rome....
I'm a super shy guy.  But I'm here at this nude beach.  I should do this.  I walked up the beach and back again with my shorts on.  Finally I did it.  Not for a super long time but I did it.  Nonevent.  No one even looked up.

The next part of my plan was to explore the gay village....but not at 9:30pm.  After the nude beach I was back at my hotel by 7pm and napped for a few hours.

It's 11:30pm, I'm wide awake and I arrive at Woody' of the more well known gay bars in Toronto.  There's a drag show just finishing, and just my luck -- next event is the "Hottest Ass Contest."  I'm not really  a bar person, but I think these places are more fun when there's some event going on.  One drag queen stayed on stage as the emcee, and the other recruited guys from the audience to take the stage.  For the next hour guys were marched onto the stage to give a three minute game show style interview, and then turn around and drop their pants.  Many of these guys enjoyed performing.....even when the drag queen said "OK thanks, you're done now,"  they kept on going.  One even did a handstand with his pants down.  All different kinds of guys participated, from the 20 year old super skinny twink to the buff personal trainer.  Sometimes in pairs to give each other courage, but most didn't need courage.  The crowd cheered for the hottest ass.


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