Friday, September 27, 2013

Labor Day pt 2

Now it's 1:45am and there's one more place I want to see.  It's called Fly.  It's a few blocks away and is the club where QAF was filmed.  Once inside I definitely recognize it from QAF....only it seems smaller.

It's loud and dark.  The strobe lights illuminate the guys dancing...most shirtless. The speakers are so huge that when I walk near them I feel like my internal organs are being shaken.  This is a younger crowd and I feel a bit out of place.

I notice a pack of really hot muscular Asian boys.  All 20-something and shirtless....they have their white t-shirts hanging from their front jeans pocket.  The other guys seem to be college boys or at most 30-ish.  Only a few other guys older than that.

Interesting to see this place, not sure it's really my kind of place.  Wish I was with someone.

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