Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Look Like Who?

A few weeks ago I met a guy.  Within fifteen minutes he said, "You remind me so much of Gordon Ramsay."  I had never heard of Gordon Ramsay so I immediately rushed to Google him.  He is a British chef and has some cooking TV shows.  He is actually very close to my age.


  1. Um...have you been living under a rock? Gordon Ramsay has more TV shows in production than Simon Cowell does

    I have to agree, he does look like you. Not exactly of course, but close enough that most people would say, "Oh yeah, that's true!"

    1. I'm more of a CNBC guy than a cooking show person. I don't even know what channel I'd find him on.

  2. First... thanks for leaving the comment on my blog!
    I just sat here and read through some of your posts...I like you blog and will be back often!