Sunday, September 29, 2013

This is Nauseating

About a year ago, in an attempt to meet more guys my own age, I met a guy who claimed he was 47.  When he pulled into the parking lot he texted me, "Good looking guy in black shirt and jeans coming in right now."  I found out he was really 52.  He was in good shape for 52, but he blew me off.  Here's his new profile from Manhunt:

Friends and fun, but you have to read on...

Very happy to say that I have a great guy. I'm looking for some friends. I haven't been out that long. Recently divorced, a dad, and living my new life as a man the gay world. Life is really good.

What am I looking for? Two things. First - I'm looking to make friends. Especially with guys like me, but probably younger than me because I'm not like most guys my age. I like music that my kids listen to. I like to party. I love red wine and vodka (not together). I like going out to restaurants. I'm financially secure and don't need anything from anyone other than genuine friendship and fun.  Sounds stupid looking for friends on here, but we're gonna give it a try.

Second thing I'm (we're) looking for? My bf and I are open to playing with a third or another couple, but we're picky. He's mid 20s, fit, dark and handsome. Both of us are masculine and only get into other masculine, good looking guys btwn 30 and 45 (give or take). We only like fit, good looking guys (swimmer's build or muscular/athletic only.

We can host or happy to have others host. Safe only. Both of us HIV and STD clean.


  1. Since I'm on a comment roll...

    This kind of profile is a huge, huge turn-off for me. Guys who sell themselves as being young and hip, and aren't? Who wants to date someone that delusional?

    Fortunately, they're not interested in me either so that works out nicely.

  2. I agree that his Manhunt ad is a bit much but from the picture I'd say he and his boyfriend have the goods. And if he attracted and can keep a guy half his age, he may actually be more youthful than his own age. Blowing you off seems to be pretty rude, though.

  3. That picture is NOT them! This is just a pic from the web.