Monday, September 5, 2022

50 is the new 70?


Often I'll hear the phrase, "70 is the new 50."   I think in the gay world "50 is the new 70."    It's hard even when you get above 40.  Harder if you look older and get fat.

It sounds so easy.  I just need to meet more people, take more of a risk and meet people.  There's no question I'm overly cautious about meeting people.  I just need to exercise more.  I just need to join some groups.   The problem is that when I leave for work at 7:15 and don't get home until 6:30 or often later, I'm tired.  Often I finish some work after eating.  There's not much time or energy to do these things.  Given this life, what do I expect will happen?

One day I worked from home.  I slept in a bit later.   I made coffee at home and enjoyed it while I watched the morning news.   I had a doctor appointment at 1pm.  I really enjoyed this -- I mean the day at home.  Wow, you must be doesn't take much.

Less than four more months of the calendar year, and for two of them I will barely be at work.  Two weeks of use or lose vacation in both November and December.  With the holiday weeks also in those months I will barely be at work.

I'll go somewhere in November.  Maybe Mexico.  I'm really looking forward to Asia in December.  I'm flying into KL but will spend most of the trip in Thailand.  Malaysia and Thailand are interesting countries, inexpensive, and the people are friendly.  I'd like to add another country or two to my list of visited countries, but probably not possible this time.  I have a habit of packing too much into vacations and want to avoid this.  I was thinking Vietnam, but maybe next time.

My friend I met in Malaysia during the last trip, now almost three years ago, it coming with me.  I hope nothing changes with that.  Worst case I travel alone.

I used to feel bad about traveling alone.  Having read some other perspectives on this, now I don't. When I'm traveling alone I am far more likely to meet new people.   That's part of the adventure.

Ideally in a few years I will work remotely in one of these countries for four months of the year.

I did exchange texts with Indian guy yesterday.  I reached out....I need to be more proactive.  He has family visiting now.  He will call me in next few weeks.  I doubt he ever will.   That's my gut feel.  This is interesting because we did have a good, open conversation and I thought some connection, and some sex.  He is also a shy, introverted guy.   Why wouldn't he at least keep me as a friend.....even if no sex?  I'm disappointed, but it's his loss.     

Anyway, this situation is one I've been dealing with for years.  Friends have psychoanalyzed me from afar.  Many of their comments are spot on.   I understand this, but haven't made the changes.

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