Friday, May 21, 2021

And that means?

I had to google simp.  No idea what it meant.  But then I am kind of out of touch sometimes.

Who am I doing too much for?   Peter?  Peter is a hard working guy and a nice guy. 

This random connection to Peter really opened my eyes to life in the under $30,000 income bracket.  It's not easy.  For me, I come away with a newly refreshed cognizance of how fortunate I am.  Wow, I better not complain about anything.   I have it pretty good.

If I only associated with my circle of friends and co-workers, then I'd only be around well educated people with money.  Not serious money, but comfortable money.

I went many months last year just working.  I talked to friends on the phone, but I had no direct connection to anyone.  I'm trying to add a few local friends to my life.  How to do that is a challenge.

Things are opening up.  We are getting back to normal.  I'll soon be comfortable traveling again.  That will help.  I'm planning an Asia trip.  I think in January.  I have a friend in Malaysia and he wants to go on vacation with me.  These quasi-adventure vacations are great for putting my mind in a totally different place.

There are good things.....I just need a little more of them.


  1. one of my blog friends wants to meetup in august. I will meetup with fully vaxxed people ONLY. so I have that to make me happy. as more things open up, I will be more out and about (with a mask).

  2. It’s nice to know things are looking a lot brighter now in the States Rob. Congrats!

  3. It's interesting they have created a slur for voluntary kind actions. That word seems like it wants to denigrate platonic relationships when people help each other without expectations.