Saturday, July 25, 2020

Another Year?

I'm thinking this could go on for another year.  There's lots of talk about a vaccine.  If the first vaccines are 70% effective are we still going to feel safe?  I won't.  It could be months after the first vaccine arrives before they get it right.

So I have to make the best of this.  I'm eating well, exercising, getting some sun, reading, staying connected with friends, biking, cooking.  And of course working.

I'm not a person who needs a lot of human interaction.  But zero is hard.  I wish I had someone close to me...just one...


  1. I agree, being alone all the time can really get to you.

  2. I am thinking that this will be going on for a lot longer. It is certainly getting old.

    1. I hope there is a vaccine early next year

  3. I understand what your saying. Being all alone sucks (not in the good way, either)! However, we still have the internet and technology. I think most of us are just trying to survive at the moment and longing for the moment in time when life returns to more of a state of "normal". Were all alone together. I think that a phrase that is suppose to make us feel better but being all alone with no human interaction, no family, mate, friends, etc. yeah sadly, I get it. Hang in there. If your looking for something to do, check out my blog at

  4. I've heard this referred to as touch starvation. And I agree, it is really hard to endure.

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  6. It's tough. Continue with what you've been doing and you should be fine. Good luck!