Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Trainee

I've had a trainee from Mexico in my office for the last four weeks.  By coincidence, I was one of the first people he talked to upon arrival in Canada -- on Grindr mind you.  I've been occasionally chatting with him on Grindr over the last few weeks.  He has some very provocative pictures online, but I'm quite sure they are not really him.

He's good looking, but kind of a small guy.  He's about 5'8, but very thin.  He dresses well.  Usually Banana Republic.  Like most Mexican guys, he uses a fair amount of cologne. He has a very nice short haircut, and I love his shiny black hair.  I've become pretty good friends with him, and we went to dinner last week.  Wide ranging topics.  He's told me about his life.  He is youngest of six children. He has a nice house in Mexico that his father gave him as a gift.

He's a bit frustrated that everyone here is so serious.  He said Mexican people are more fun.

The first week he was here he grew a light goatee, and it really looked good on him.  I was disappointed the next week when he shaved it off.  But then he started to grow it back last week.

This weekend he's in Toronto.  Checking out the gay I learned from our Grindr conversation. 

I've been very careful to keep everything very professional.  

Another ten days and he goes back.

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