Sunday, January 17, 2016

It Can't Be

I opened up Grindr on Saturday morning.  This profile was just three miles from me and it was written in Spanish.  A 26 year old Latino guy.

My new trainee from Mexico who starts Monday is also 26.  Surely it can't be the same guy.

I message him.  He tells me he just arrived in Canada this morning.  He is from Mexico.  Same city as my trainee.

OMG, it can't be!

I ask why he's here.  "A training program," he tells me.  I ask if it's at the university.  "No, a big global company in the abc industry."

It is!  It's my trainee.  And I'm the first guy he's talked to upon arriving in Canada.

I answered a few of his questions.  I learned he's versatile.  He said I was very nice guy and asked if I would meet for coffee.

Of course I won't.

I am having lunch with him tomorrow, but in my capacity as his boss.

I told Seth about this and he was laughing and yelling, "Candy in the office."

This is so funny because often you see a hot guy at work and wonder if he's gay.  Now we know for sure :)  


Saturday, January 16, 2016


A little bit....

I had a profile on A4A and showed myself traveling in Canada.  Out of the blue, someone sent me an email saying, "Are you in town working at ABC Company?"

Bingo.  They nailed it.  There's enough details in that profile to figure out who I am and someone put 2 and 2 together.  I guess when you're the number three at an 1100 person company people pay attention to you.

I don't want to be out at work, but it is hot to know that someone suspects and is watching me.  My slight discomfort is in the details of that profile.  You all know what goes in those profiles.... provocative pic, cock size, sexual preferences, etc.  Too much detail for the workplace, but oh well.

I don't want to become the subject of gossip at work, but if one person or whatever suspects it's no big deal.  It's 2016, you say.  No one cares.  I know from experience people take notice of this and it's discussed. 

Now let's see what his next move is.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cuddling with Jack

Last week I met Jack again.  School has just started and he's not so busy now.  It was really passionate and he enjoyed cuddling with me.  He told me he likes me, and he acts like he likes me.    We talked about what's been going on for the last six weeks and if we'd met anyone else.  Neither of us had met other guys....well maybe one.  He was telling me what he was looking for and the kind of guy he wants.

"Why don't you date me?" I blurted out.  I was feeling lonely last week and in the midst of this passionate time this just came out.  Remember that the last time we met I was talking about a trip to Toronto and he volunteered to go with me.

He said sure we could spend more time together, but he seemed cautious.  I'm just not sure what he wants to do.  I can ask though, right?

Let's see.  I'm away for the weekend and maybe I'll try to meet him next week.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


I am looking closely at my schedule for March and April.  How can I fit in a trip to Malaysia?  I feel like I need to go.  And with the airfare so inexpensive?  I am discussing vacation next week when I get back to work.

Everyone I've met from Malaysia has been so nice.  At the top of the list is my ex-bf who is still one of my best friends.  I've met several other guys from Malaysia and they were also very nice.  It's a bit  unusual to meet a Malaysian in the US.  When I first met Seth I didn't even really know where exactly Malaysia was.....south Asia someplace.  With Singapore connected it makes the trip all the more appealing.  I just feel like I have a connection with this country.

Seth just told me that with the ringgit so low against the dollar I will have great buying power.  I could get a Mcdonalds meal for only $2.70 -- and that includes fries and a coke!  I seriously hope I'm not eating at Mcdonalds there.

I want to make this a three stop trip -- Singapore, KL and Georgetown/Penang.  I will need more than a week to do this.

Now I've learned from another blogger that in Malaysia "gay sex is everywhere" -- so I MUST GO!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


As I woke up yesterday I fumbled with my remote to turn on the TV.  This lady was on the Today Show talking about online dating.  I found her suggestions piqued my interest and made a lot of sense.  Her name is Bela Ghandi and I've been watching some of her videos.  So much of this is common sense, but I guess we all need reinforcement.

Her first tip:  90% of your success is based on your online picture.  Really?  I think for the gay community it's 99%.

Anyway, for now I'll watch some of her videos rather than spring for the $5,000 to $10,000 fee for the online dating academy.