Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cuddling with Jack

Last week I met Jack again.  School has just started and he's not so busy now.  It was really passionate and he enjoyed cuddling with me.  He told me he likes me, and he acts like he likes me.    We talked about what's been going on for the last six weeks and if we'd met anyone else.  Neither of us had met other guys....well maybe one.  He was telling me what he was looking for and the kind of guy he wants.

"Why don't you date me?" I blurted out.  I was feeling lonely last week and in the midst of this passionate time this just came out.  Remember that the last time we met I was talking about a trip to Toronto and he volunteered to go with me.

He said sure we could spend more time together, but he seemed cautious.  I'm just not sure what he wants to do.  I can ask though, right?

Let's see.  I'm away for the weekend and maybe I'll try to meet him next week.


  1. If he's being little cautious, maybe you can try to be a little less aggressive.

  2. Do you really think I was too aggressive?

  3. It seems to me that if you continue to spend time together he will gradually move toward you, if that feels right to him, or away from you, if he has fundamental concerns about committing.

    I'm doubtful that different tactics will improve your chances for a favorable outcome. If you're feeling impatient, continue fishing. Maybe hold back on sex with someone else until you're confident as to where you stand.