Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sex Isn't Fair

This is something Steve said.

I think what he meant was it isn't fair that getting sex is so much easier for some people than others.

The reality is that some people are just better looking.  They won the genetics lottery.  Couple this with putting some effort into their appearance....and result is they have more people willing to get naked with them.  How many studies have shown that good looking people have it easier in life?

I was reading some magazine article where girls were asked why they decided to have sex with a guy right away.  The most common answer was, "he was the hottest guy I'd ever seen."  I KNOW the same hold true for guys.

One people watching game I play is to mentally thumbs up or down everyone who walks by.  Would I have sex with them or not?  Usually thumbs up is 25% or less.  Obviously it depends where you do this.  Sitting in a college campus quad the number will be much higher.  We think a lot about those lucky 25%, but what about the 75%?  Undoubtedly many great people in that group and they shouldn't be dismissed.

I know many good looking people who I would not trade places with.  Just watch an episode of "Real World" if you want some examples.

Anyway, my point to Steve was "is anything in life fair?"  Some people are smarter.  Others are more charismatic.  Some of us are just average in most ways.  Why dwell on this?  Make the best of your situation and live your life.  

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  1. I think your proportions are about right. I teach undergrads and this term have 27 students in my class. About 25% of the guys are in the "I'd have sex with them" category (including one super-hottie who may feel like he's God's gift and is probably a real asshole), and the other 75%--not so much. There's a few "no ways," too. Of course, none of them would have sex would me (an old fart).