Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nothing to Say

A few years ago there were a few guys who were actively blogging about their lives.  Some were married.  Some not.  They blogged about their dating life, their family issues, the conflicts of leading a straight/gay life, whatever was on their mind.  The occasional lurid sex experience was thrown in to keep things more interesting.  Even though it was often just mundane stuff about their lives, I still enjoyed reading it.  It was a view into their lives.  Maybe for the same reason why people watch Teen Mom on MTV.  I never understood why that show is popular.

It's largely stopped....the blogging, I mean.  I asked one of my fellow bloggers why we heard so little from hm over the last few months.  "I just have nothing to say," he answered, "I'm not emailing.  I'm not blogging.  No interest in dating.  I'm just withdrawing from everything."

The sad thing is that I feel the same way.  There used to be issues that really bothered me, and blogging about them was like therapy.  But now I feel almost numb.  No burning issues.  No lurid sex tales to detail.  No travels this year. Work used to be consuming for me.....and now it's worse.     

At least I have by quasi-boyfriend Steve.  He's back for about three months.  But what then?  Will he be back?  How long will my next dry spell last?  I'm hoping something hits for me soon on the job front, and that will be a major change in my life.

It's 9:40pm.  I just want to go to bed. 

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  1. Gee, RB. I feel exactly the same way. I've lost nearly all interest in porn (and hardly ever watch it any more), I don't feel like exercising, and I don't have much interest in anything. On weekend mornings, I stay in bed as long as I possibly can just so I don't have to face the day--but if I sleep too late, I get nightmares, which is not preferable to staying in bed. I'm bi-sexual and married, but I'm not "stepping out" on my wife, partially because I don't want to contract a disease, partially because I've done that before and risked my marriage, and partially because my libido is in the toilet. Just an all around general malaise.