Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do I Have a BF?

I'm getting multiple texts from my new friend Steve everyday.  "Good morning Sir!"   "How is your day going"  "Have a wonderful day!"  This guy has really latched onto me.  It feels good to be pursued.  I was sort of indifferent on this guy in the beginning, but now I really like him.  He's a well educated, interesting guy, and I feel like I can trust him.  We haven't talked about where "we" are at.  Does he want to get serious?  Or is this just fwb?

He is in Korea for three more weeks, and then in the US for 3-4 months.  He's already suggesting that we take a weekend trip together when he gets back.  I have more freedom in my life now, and it will be nice to have someone to do something with.  He seems to be very cautious.....he hasn't done very much on the gay scene.  He lived in the Toronto area for a few years, and I was surprised he'd never been to the Gay Village.

He's getting better in bed.

Given his temporary status in the US, I doubt this will turn into anything.  This guy has a very common story among gay men.  A movie I've seen many times.  He's not out.  His family doesn't know.  He's early 30's and they are pressuring him to get married.  He hasn't been in a relationship.  OMG, I hate this.  He deserves a better life.     

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Now What?

It's August 10th.  My IT project is done.....finally.  Lot's of little things to fix, but generally working ok.  My first vacation day of the year is scheduled for next Friday....19 more to take, and I will take them.  I've been working long hours and eating pizza and other junk for a few months.  I just feel exhausted.

Now What?

I need to set some priorities for myself.  One is getting back to the gym and getting back in shape.  Two is finding a new job.  I started this effort on July 27th.  Already one video conference interview and a few headhunter calls.  I've identified a number of cities to which I'd be willing to relocate, generally eastern seaboard and some Midwestern cities.  I think Raleigh area tops the list. Changing jobs is one of the most difficult life choices.  Three is to use my vacation and get some r&r. 

One interesting thing has happened in the craziness of last month.  I met someone.  He fits with the pattern of my past history, and he seems to really like me.  This was a totally random meeting....from of all places Grindr.  I never meet anyone on Grindr and I don't even go on there very often.  I certainly don't expect anything serious to come from a Grindr meeting.  Within five minutes of meeting this guy he was talking about us becoming friends.  Some of you can easily finish this story.  Yes, he's Asian......Korean actually.  He has a engineering.  He's 33.  His name is Steve.  We've met five times now.  We are planning a weekend together soon.  One thing about Korean guys:  they have the biggest cocks of all anecdotal factoid from my experience.  The complexity here is that he is on a consulting assignment about 90 miles away.  He's been coming to my city on the weekends as he has other friends (not gay) here.  I'm not sure how long he will be in this area.  It's just nice to have someone to do something with (and the sex is cool too).  Let's see what happens.