Monday, July 7, 2014

I Want My Life Back!

We flipped the switch last on my systems project.  Now we are on a shakedown cruise to fix problems and that will last at least the next two months.

It's been painful.   I worked 27 hours over the weekend before we went live.  Sixteen hours on the Monday before.  Twelve hour days are the norm.  I didn't work over the 4th weekend, but people would have revolted if we asked that.  Aside from chores around the house I had to do, I just watched Game of Thrones episodes and relaxed.  Maybe I'll learn something I can use at work.  I am so tired.  Managing this seven figure IT project will look good on my resume, but do I care?  Don't think I would want to do this again.   

No energy to look for guys or sex.  I just need to get my life back together.


  1. I'd want my life back too. Good luck!

  2. You'll care about having this project on your resume once it's over. You won't necessarily have to do it again but it will give you a big boost for your next job search.

    Also, isn't the worst of the project just about over?

    1. I thought the worst was over until this week. Our logistics is a mess and getting worse.