Saturday, May 3, 2014


I met Ross for lunch last Saturday.  I hadn't seen him since December and it was good to catch up.  After lunch we had a coffee and talked.   I got all the details of what's going on with his bf.  He still couldn't keep his hands off me.  I guess it's good to know there's one person out there who likes me.

I am so stressed out the last few weeks.  I worked Sunday and late most nights this week.  Friday night I'm huddled in the office with my IT crew until I finally called it quits at 7:45.  I'm working on a major IT project and we are moving into the final leg.  It will look great on my resume, so I need to do this.  But it's super complicated and difficult to manage.  Last week I was pulled into some modeling and valuation work for the private equity owners of my company.  That's high viz work that I need to be a part of -- how can I say no to that project?   Never ending work-life balance struggle.

August 10th.  Project should be done and looking forward to a vacation.   


  1. Deep breaths my friend. You'll get there.

    We have 22 days of school left. While you'd think it would be easy wrapping up the year, it's actually pretty stressful. I'm trying to wrap up the year with kids who are already starting to mentally shut down (not all of em, but quite a few). In addition to all the special activities and assemblies we have. Makes it hard to keep a steady routine in place.

    Where are you going on vacation?! Hopefully someplace fun. :-)

    1. Not sure yet. It needs to be relaxing.