Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tale of Three Chinese Guys

In addition to meeting the Mexican boy last weekend, I've had a few dates during the last two weeks.

#1 - A 28 yo Chinese guy who lives about 15 minutes away.  He messaged me online.  After a few minutes he said, "This may sound crazy, but would you be interested in coming over for a beer tonight?  I really need someone to talk to."   He was close, and he seemed like a nice guy, so I went.

One thing I'm doing upfront with these younger guys is saying, "You want to meet ME?  I'm 20 years older than you.  Are you SURE? "

"Age makes no difference to me," he said.  "You seem like nice guy and I want to meet you."

This guy had a PhD in Operations Research.  Average looking.  Interesting to talk to.  One problem I haven't encountered before:  he had braces on his teeth.  I kept on thinking, would I really want to have sex with this guy?  It might be like putting my penis into a meat grinder.  Nothing happened, he didn't make a move.  After two hours of talk, I said goodnight.

#2 -  Another Asian guy who was just visiting.  He worked for a big US company.  He was a small guy.  Like 5'5 and 110 pounds I would say, and 28 yo.  We met for dinner.  He had lots of questions for me about the US.  For example, "Why is almost everyone on Jack'd black?  Answer:  Because the white guys are on Grindr.  At least that's true in my area.  Apparently Jack'd is big in Asia.  We had dinner and said good night.

#3 -  Yet another Chinese guy.  He was the tallest Asian guy I've met -- probably 6'1.  Really nice guy, 31 yo,  who seemed very Westernized.  It went a little different this time.   He very quickly started kissing me and it was a little awkward because he was so much taller than me.  This was like dating Yao Ming!  Soon clothes came off and we played for a while.  He had on of the fattest cocks I've seen on any guy.  Not the longest, but the thickest.  Afterward we talked for about ten mintes, and I wasn't sure what to do, so I said goodbye.  Within twenty minutes he messaged me to ask if he could treat me to dinner.  That was nice.  At that point I couldn't, but maybe we will meet again.

#4 -  No not Asian.  This guy claimed to be 42, but I'm not sure if that's true.  He's Middle Eastern, but not the dark hairy type.  I had actually met this guy once before - more than five years ago.  We just never connected again.  I'm surprised he remembered me.  Honestly, not really an attraction.  I wouldn't really be motivated to meet this guy again.  He hasn't contacted me either.

Most of these guys were outside my target market.  In my defense, these Asian guys messaged me first.  I really should be meeting someone who is 40-something, but at least I'm meeting guys.  Why is it so hard to meet someone decent who is 40-something?


  1. Wow! 4 dates recently? That's pretty good. I don't have much problem finding a hookup, but finding someone who wants to share a meal is soooo much harder than I ever thought possible.


  2. Guys over 40 mostly fall into two categories: good relationship material and have been in LTR's. When single they have a large pool of friends to find their next LTR. You might find them in activities but not really on social apps. If they're on the apps then they're not ready to date yet.

    Then there's the rest. Probably always single, have too much bad history and though they want to be in an LTR and seem great on paper, they never seem to be able to make it work. The rest of the guys on social apps are in open relationships or are cheating.

    That leaves very little in the "bring you home to mom" category. But you'll never find them if you don't keep looking and I always say, "if I'm here, then there are others just like me here too. I'm special but not unique."

    1. This is probably true. I wonder which category I fall into? The second? I think there's a mix of guys on social apps, but you're right most the first category guys are not.

    2. It's not a 'gay' problem. I actually learned this from my straight female friend when she was explaining why she only dated divorced guys. It's just another condition of aging.

  3. You have been a busy man. I get lucky getting one date in a week. :)

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