Saturday, April 19, 2014

Drawn to Power

There's a retired executive who lives not far from me.  He's worth more than $50 mil, if not into 9 figures.  His house is amazing.  Everyone who knows him says he's brilliant.  He is in his late 70's and he's gay.  He has a boyfriend who is around 50.  They've been together for about 15 years.

I was telling this story to a friend, and I wondered out loud, "Does the boyfriend really love him or is it just about the money?"  

"Of course it's for the money," my friend shot back.

I've been reading this post at OneStep at aTime  about his meeting with a high powered lawyer in Toronto.  It seems like it was the most engaging meeting he has ever had with a guy.  However, no sex because the guy was in horrible shape.  But that makes it all the more interesting.  He stayed talking to the guy even though he was not at all attracted (in this case he was actually repulsed).  This got me thinking.

I haven't dated older guys.  I met one older guy last year but nothing happened.  Maybe I should try again.

Is money and power attractive?  A draw?  I would never date a guy just because he's wealthy.  I'm not desperate for money, and I want to keep my own self-respect.  I can see myself being drawn to a powerful man, but money doesn't make my cock hard.  The reality is that any wealthy, powerful man who is in reasonable shape is probably shopping for a hot younger guy. 


  1. For me it's not so much the wealth that a man has, but the confidence he exudes. I find myself very attracted to men that have a strong inner self-confidence. I feel like this is because i don't HAVE to carry the conversation or continually prop up the other guys confidence.

  2. Hi RB! Thanks for reading my blog post and for commenting on it in such a thoughtful manner. Yes, you nailed it exactly regarding how I felt about the whole experience and about Lawyer Dude.

    He is very confident which is very attractive and financially, he is exceedingly well off. For me, money is definitely not a deciding factor although it would be very nice to be able to go on cruises and travel the world like Lawyer Dude does.

    In fact, Lawyer Dude messaged me yesterday. He wants to take me to New York on a trip to see some shows, see the sights and eat at nice restaurants. But for me to do that, I'd have to sleep with him (I'm sure) and I just cannot do that.

    He's just so gross physically that I wouldn't be sexually attracted to him in the slightest, and I'm not a guy who can fake it convincingly. Don't get me wrong; I sleep with mainly average-looking guys and a great many who are chubbier than me, and I love every moment of it. But Lawyer Dude has just let himself go too far!

    1. This really unfortunate because he sounds so intellectually engaging. Going to NYC with him would probably be an awesome time -- I'd love to have a guy to do that with. But you're right, sex would be the quid pro quo, and you can't do that if you are repulsed by him.

  3. When I was twenty-five I was living in Dallas employed as service rep at the telephone company. A friend of a friend who was a model/drug dealer introduced me to a guy who was forty. The guy and I started dating even though I was already dating a struggling textile designer. The guy was incredible rich. He lived in a palatial townhouse with marble floors and a heated and cooled swimming pool. There was a Rolls, a BMW and Mercedes in the garage. We dined at the best restaurants and he showered me with gifts. He bought a Porsche that I was allowed to drive. All of his close friends were equally rich. It sounds like a dream but I was not happy with him. His money scared me. I was from the other end of financial spectrum and, at the time, was not comfortable with his wealth. I was told I would never have to work another day in my life if I committed to him. I broke up with him and the artist moved in with me. My life with the artist was one of the happiest even though we struggled financially.

    For me, this man’s wealth was exciting but it was not enough for me to compromise my values and live with a man I did not love. He opened the door to a world I had never seen or experienced. It was fun was it left me feeling like a whore.