Sunday, February 16, 2014

Defined Chest

I think it's every gay guy's dream to have a defined chest.  I've heard this from multiple guys.  The gay man's holy grail?  Sadly not all will ever realize this dream, and hope fades as you get older.  Does it really make that much difference?  Not really (within reason).   But in the shallow, body dysmorphic gay world a defined chest is sought after.  You're stuck with the size of your dick,  but this is something you can actually make happen with hard work

Since I got down to my target weight and shifted to more resistance workouts, I've been trying to get more defined.  Yes, I know it's having some effect because two sex mates told me so.  However, I'm not really satisfied.  Probably because no gay guy is ever satisfied with his body?  I'm just surprised at how hard it is to make progress.  In addition to the gym, I'm doing 120 pushups (no, not all at one time) and I thought I would make fairly quick progress. It's not as quick as I'd hoped.  I am stronger for sure.  I'm not sure why I'm motivated to do this now.  Why not when I was 20?

Anyway, if it keeps me from looking like this it's worth the effort.


  1. It's not surprising that women and gay men have body self-image issues as many see the need to be physically appealing as being important.

    I believe that my body can be in better shape and I'm striving to make those improvements. The trouble comes when we start obsessing over those things that we see as deficiencies. When those self-doubts become the only things that are thought about and not the positive changes that have been achieved, then you're in trouble.

    Keep striving to be the best you possible! :-)

  2. I understand why you're motivated to do this now. It's just as you said...working out at any age makes a visible difference.

    Although you can take steps to reduce the effects of aging, you can't stop the clock. You can't get better looking or have a bigger dick....pretty much the only thing you can do is work out.

    I haven't read this book but the "bible" for working out is supposed to be "Strength Training Anatomy." It tells you EXACTLY what work outs to do to work EXACTLY the muscles you want to build.

    Strength training is a great mid-life hobby. It WILL keep you feeling and looking younger and it will create great habits for your later years.

  3. I am never satisfied with my body either even though I have been told that my body look great and keep up my hard work. It's such a motivation to me to work harder in the gym but I'd never get satisfied with the results I have got now .. people never satisfied with what they have.

  4. I really didn't see the before pic, but you look great. The key is cardio... just like with getting abs, you can do all the pushups in the world, but the fat isn't going to go away until you burn it off with cardio. It's tough at our age... I'm going through the same exact thing. And it really is not productive to look at these 20 somethings that came out of the womb looking like that and can maintain it with 10 minutes at the gym. Gravity and metabolism is a bitch... and they'll get theirs!!

  5. Good diet and working out is the key. I try to maintain myself that way. I am one of those guys that love beautiful pecs but does not have to be sculpted to be hot.