Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A New Bf !

No, not me.

My ex-bf has a new bf.

And the winner is??    A 50 yo married guy with two kids!!

I have an ex-bf from more than five years ago.  He lives in Germany, but he's Asian.  His name is Seth and he's 32.  I've visited him several times in Germany when I've been there on business, and we talk once or twice a month.  We're still pretty close and he tells me everything.

We talked last weekend and he told me the whole story.  He wanted to know what I thought.

What do I think???    WTF are you doing?   What is the point of getting involved with this type of guy?  I totally don't get it. 

"This will end badly,"  I told him.  He asked my opinion -- but this is his issue.  He even told me he doesn't want to be a home wrecker -- and breakup this guy's marriage, and upset his kids.


  1. I assumed (wrongly, as it turns out), that the new BF was divorced. Yep, Seth's a homewrecker and this will not turn out well. Keep us posted.