Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Coming Out Story

A longtime reader of my blog(s) sent me this Salon article.  Thanks!  He said it reminded him of me.  It's a great article, and yes, there are many parallels to my life. 

Sometimes I wonder why I am where I am.  I grew up in the early 80's.  Things were totally different then.  I remember how it was back then every time I start to have these thoughts.

A few weeks ago Olympic skating star Brian Boitano was on NPR.  He is 50 years old, and just came out as gay in December.  He was telling about meeting with his agent in 1988 to discuss monetizing his Olympic gold through endorsements.  The agent told him, "I don't know if you're gay, and I don't need to know.  But if you are, for god sakes don't tell anyone.  It will wreck everything."

You can't rewrite your own history, so it's pointless to even think about .  Make the best of where are now.


  1. Great story! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thanks for sharing your longtime reader's comment and salon article. It really got me thinking, and I'm at a similar place in my life.