Sunday, November 3, 2013


I'm breaking all my own rules again.

Friday night I worked until 8pm.  I came home and plopped in front of the tv.  As usual I was also on my laptop.  This time on a site called Daddyhunt.  I've never met anyone from there before and I rarely go on that site. I didn't expect to meet anyone.   Tonight I am being messaged by a 30 year old Asian guy.  Soon he wants to meet me.  He looks to be in great shape.  We agree to meet at a coffee shop three miles from my house.  "No sex," he tells me, "Just conversation."  Ok, I can agree to that.

His name is Taka.  He is very handsome and obviously in good shape.  We really don't want coffee, so we decide to go back to my place.  He's Japanese and here on a corporate ex-pat assignment in marketing.  He really seems to be a nice guy.  After ten minutes of "conversation" he asks me to sit next to him.  He puts my hand on his leg.  Within another fifteen minutes he is undressed down to his underwear in my living room.  I'm massaging his body and licking his nips.  What a great body.  Beautifully smooth.  Really toned and solid, completely lean.  Lightly hairy legs.  Is this the body you get on a sushi diet?  We kissed a little, but he seemed not so into that.  I ran my hands all over his body.

Right at 11pm he jumped up.  "I have to go....working tomorrow," he said.

"Will I see you again?" I asked.  "Of course," he said.

We'll see.  All the talk about meeting appropriate guys and I keep doing stuff like this.

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