Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hacking Online Dating

I am thinking about trying online dating again.  During my preliminary research I found this video. Like Amy, I'm also a data driven person, and if I put serious effort into it, would probably also approach online dating this way.  Other bloggers have detailed their often negative experiences with online dating -- most notably Cameron at TwoLives.   I haven't had success with it either.  Maybe if I put some thought and effort into it this time, I can make it work. 

At lunch last week, Ross told me about a gay newbie at his church who hired an online dating expert to help him create profiles on OKCupid, POF and Match.  This caught my interest because I'm curious what the expert would do to make him a success online.

One of the critical problems with online dating is getting past the face pic.  Gay guys are so shallow and quick to dismiss you based on just a quick glance at the face pic.  When you are 25 not a problem.   But over 40?  Often it's a problem.  Not all of us are George Clooney.  I'm think about a solution here.  Topic for a future post.


  1. Are you Rob from the blog below the radar?

  2. Cool, I am from Brazil and used to read your blog, I am glad that I found you again.