Friday, October 11, 2013

Best First Date

No first date is perfect, but this one was close.

Summer 2012
I saw a profile on Manhunt.  Really hot ass pics.  I messaged him to complement the picture and we started chatting.  The next day we talked on the phone.  For an hour.  His name is Ross and he is 37. He seemed like a really nice guy.  We exchanged face pics.  We agreed to have a date on Saturday.  We would meet at 6pm.

He lived about thirty miles away, but I felt good about our phone conversation and really wanted to meet him.  I was a few minutes late and he sent me a text.  There he was in front of the restaurant.  His hair was starting to grey a little and he looked a few years older than his picture.  My first impression:  kind of nerdy, but that's ok.  Introductions and we talk about finding a place for dinner.

"Do you have any dietary restrictions?" he asked.  I almost started to laugh.  In his defense, he's a doctor.  This is his language.

We had dinner and a good conversation.  He seems really nice.  Very smart.  The bill comes and he grabs it.  We were engaged in kind of an intellectual conversation.  Honestly, the question of whether I would sleep with this guy never entered my mind.

"How about we go back to my place," he asks.  You know what this means.  Just to give you an idea of how dense I am, that question didn't trigger me to think, "he wants to get me naked."  I was just thinking ok, we go back to his place.  It's early....only like 8:30.

We sit down on his sofa and he gets some wine.  We talk some more.  He excuses himself to go the bathroom.

When he returns I can tell that he has used mint mouthwash.

He starts to kiss me.  "Let's play," he whispers.  After some makeout he leads me to his bedroom.

He starts to unbutton my clothes and then stops.  He lights candles around the bedroom.  "Don't undress," he says, "I want to undress you."

The lights are off. We undress each other in the candle light.  He drops down in front of me and sucks my cock for what seems like a really long time.  For the next few hours the sex is passionate and intense....pretty awesome.

We lay next to each other naked.  He seems to have lots of questions for me.  When did I first have sex with a guy?  And the like.  All of a sudden, "Will you spend the night?"  I didn't need to be talked into that.

This date happened during the time the Olympics were going on.  When we woke up Ross said, "You are really a cuddler.  Cuddlng could be your Olympic sport!"

It was Sunday morning and he had to work.  He pulled me into the shower with him....more sex.  It was pretty obvious, since last night, that he really likes me.

"Let's go out to breakfast," he says.

He took me to this popular cafe, but we were there early enough that it wasn't too busy yet.  I had apple oatmeal pancakes.  We talked some more.  I'm still thinking he's kind of nerdy, but I also think he's a really nice guy.  He was running late for work.

We walk out to the parking lot and he gives me a hug.  "I want to see you again," he says.  I remember him standing there looking at me, like he had doubt that he'd see me again.  We part.  It's around 9:30.

About 2pm I check my email.  He wants me to come to his place for dinner on Thursday.  Later I notice an sms on my cell phone.  It's Ross telling me that he sent me an email.

It's nice to feel wanted.

I've said before that my litmus test for sex is how I view it after the fact.  Now more than a year later I still look back on this first date with a fond memory.  Some may disagree, but a successful first gay date ends in sex.  Doesn't have to, but they usually do.  There's some lessons learned here that I want to write about in future posts.