Friday, September 27, 2013

Circle of Friends

In my last post I said that I was trying to figure out the road to happiness.  What needs to happen to my limited free lime outside of work to make me happy?  I do know one thing -- a circle of gay friends.

Do I have gay friends?  Sure I do.  It's just that I don't see them as often as I'd like and many are scattered all over the globe.  I may have met them here, but they've moved.  Some now have partners.  We can still be friends, but it's not as close.  I don't have that close knit circle of friends who are close by and I can just "chill with" in my down time.

Next question....Does any middle aged guy have this situation?  Am I unrealistic?

I look at my kids.  They have this "Band of Brothers" circle of friends.  Mostly the same kids since they were 10 or 11.  It makes me feel good watching all these kids grow up and stick together.  Some new kids have been added, but the core group is still intact.  One kid had a picture of the group sitting around a bonfire posted on facebook --  "My Fucking Boys" was the title.  I never had this...but then a lot of people never had this.  Maybe it's looking at this situation all the time, which may not be the norm, is what's bothering me.

In any case, I need to look forward and not backward.  I want to take some steps to improve this.  The truth is I haven't put that much effort into this.  People drop serendipitously into my life, not so much because of proactive effort on my part.  I need to put more effort into the friends I have.  Not everyone clicks with me, so I need to work to hold onto the ones who do.

Maybe I'll meet friends from this's happened before.

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