Sunday, June 28, 2020

What Some Guys Will Do for a Buck

This good looking guy caught my eye.  Jacob Taylor.  He's done a ton of gay porn for several studios.  Very clean cut, great body, no tats.  I googled him only to learn that he also escorts.  That's sad.  He's different than most of the guys you see in porn.  I mean the guys covered in tats who look like cleaned up street kids.

I've said this before --  there is an astounding amount of gay porn out there.  Is it 90% of the porn for 10% of the people?  Literally thousands of guys are starring in these vids.  I wonder why?

Obviously it's for the money, right?

The reality is that these guys make very little for their "work."  A few hundred dollars a scene.  Maybe $1,000 if they are popular.  I've read that even the most popular guys at the very top of the porn hierarchy would make at most $5,000 for a scene. 

Totally not worth it.

Who would want to make videos having sex with other guys (especially if you're actually straight) and have that be out on the internet forever?  Not to mention the health risks.  STI's and frequent use of erection enhancing drugs to keep it hard.

I wonder how porn studios even make money anymore?  Who pays for porn when there's so much of it out there for free?  Someone must.....but not me.

I look at these hot guys and wonder what's going through their minds as they perform.  Maybe some are doing it for their ego, but generally there must be a lot of desperation to do this.


  1. have any of the guys ever given an interview about why they do porn?

  2. Are you 100% sure about what they're earning? Because, it can't be that bad. I'm sure some of them just don't have any other resource, or believe they're capable of working elsewhere so, they decide to f*ck for money. It does't seem like an interesting job (maybe at first), or like something good to do, especially if your sexual orientation is different than what you're doin'. 🙄 It's also not attractive to viewers, IMHO. 🤷‍♂️ There are also other ways to earn online than just being hired by a studio, these guys & girls sell their content elsewhere, by themself. So, there are different platforms for them. 😉 It's hard to build a community if you're not one of the hottest & most famous in the game, though. A lot of these p*rnstars shoot a few scenes and just go away. Lots of them don't care they'll be recognized in the supermarket, by a neighbor etc. 😏 But the diseases itself are too good of a reason not to even start doin' p*rn. At least that's what I think.

    1. Well... that was short. 😎

    2. There's a number of articles out there where male porn starts tell their stories. The pay they quote is quite consistent, and it's low.

      Armond Rizzo is even complaining that submissive bottoms get paid less than tops.

      One of the Helix boys wants all porn stars to band together and not accept less than $1000 per scene.

  3. Actually, you ARE paying for it because your clicks and eyeballs generate money from the ads on whatever page you're viewing porn. Nothing's free.

    Also, with this much porn/nude pics online, no future employer is going to care in this day and age. Most people are very desensitized and the existence of nudes has lost all meaning. I mean, the woman living in the current WH has nudies floating around...